If you have questions about enrolment in New Zealand, this is the place to find it. There is detailed information here, such as numbers to the Ministry of Education offices as well as information as to what you need if you’re going to enroll your child at a school in New Zealand.

  • What are my child’s rights in relation to school?

It is the right of all children to be enrolled in a State school, at least somewhere between their fifth birthday up to the first of January during their nineteenth birthday.

  • Do enrolment schemes limit this right?

No. Enrolment schemes are placed to address the overcrowding that happens at schools and to provide equal chances for everybody—including locals—to enroll. This also helps the Ministry of Education get a good picture of the current state of accommodation of the surrounding areas.

  • Is there a law about enrolment schemes?

According to the law, they should:

  • If possible, not leave students out—aside from when it’s needed—to address the problem of crowding.
  • Help the Ministry in easily managing state schools.
  • Make sure that applicants for enrolments in these schools are selected fairly and with transparency.
  • Help students find a school that’s easy for them to get to and suitable for them.
  • Protect the rights of local students most of all.
  • Zoning: How does it work for me?

Enrolment schemes should start with a home zone contained within the immediate area of the school. Students within that home zone are given priority to enrol.

  • What are the boundaries of the “home zone”?

You can apply for a school that is within the home zone. Enrolling may require you to present other proofs of residency like certificates, utility bills, also proof that you’re living within that territory. False information won’t help you at all, as the school reserves the right of refusal for people faking their information.

  • Is there anything I can do when a school refuses enrolment to my child?

There are a few things you can do, such as:

  • Inquire if said school has an enrolment scheme. It should not be declining your child enrolment if they don’t have any such scheme.
  • If it does have such a scheme, you should check whether you’re within the home zone on You could alternatively check which home zone you’re included in if you are outside the specific school’s home zone.
  • Under rare and exceptional occurrences, you may apply to the Ministry directly for a direct enrolment at a particular school.
  • Is a State integrated school any different from a kura kaupapa Maori or designated character school?

Schools with this designation have more authority to create enrolment schemes, especially if the applicants outnumber the places available at the school.

State integrated schools are those which have a special character, usually religion. Students who enrol in these schools are given preference based on the character. Kura kaupapa Maori state schools, though, are big on the Te Aho Matua philosophy and usually use the Maori language as a medium of teaching. Designated character schools, on the other hand, are unique schools with schemes directed to restrict enrolments to children who adhere to the schools principles and rules.